Wheel & Pedestal Covers

Protect expensive equipment with the C&J Marine Wheel and Pedestal Covers!


Wheel & Pedestal Cover


Protecting your investment makes sense. A Wheel and Pedestal cover made from UV stable acrylic canvas will do just that, protect the technical and expensive equipment that could be left open to the elements with a potential for damage from the weather.

Although our template library of standard design Wheel and Pedestal covers is growing, some of these items are classed as custom-built due to the complexity of the design and the location of your vessel.


C&J Marine Wheel and Pedestal Covers are easily installed using a full height nylon zip. Doing the 'zip-up' tensions the canvas and generally, no other fixings or fasteners are needed.

With over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of the C&J Marine Wheel and Pedestal Cover it is, without a doubt, another superior product ensuring complete customer satisfaction. If you would like to add this premium C&J Marine product to your yacht and cannot find what you are looking for on our site then call us now on 01243 785485.

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