Standard Pack-a-Main/Stack Pack

Pre-configured Pack-a-Main/Stack Packs now available direct from stock!
£480.00 incl VAT

Conventional or fully battened mainsails on any yacht often need a lot of hard work to use, especially whilst reefing and lowering and can cause stress within the atmosphere on board. Ease of handling with the mainsail usually means that a behind mast furling/reefing system, complete with a new mainsail, has been the only option available in reducing these stresses and strains until now….

The C&J Pack-a-Main is a cleverly designed combination sail cover and handling system complete with lazyjacks, manufactured to use with your existing mainsail and boom. This easy-to-use system has removed the need to purchase new, expensive, heavier and less efficient equipment. Furthermore, with single or short-handed sailing of your yacht in mind, the Pack-a-Main will make reefing, lowering and storing your mainsail (or mizzen) a faster, safer and easier operation.

The C&J Pack-a-Main is manufactured from a UV stable acrylic canvas available in a wide range of colours to compliment your yacht or existing canvas work.

A full-length cover is held in the boom by the mainsail (the mainsail foot rope normally holds the pack-a-main in place) and held up via lazyjacks. This cover forms an acrylic canvas “bag” to accept the mainsail when being lowered and to protect the sail from damaging ultra violet light when not in use. For loose footed mainsails, a reinforced rope is sewn into the bottom of the Pack-a-Main for attachment to the boom groove.

The C&J Pack-a-Main comes complete with all mast fittings such as lazyjacks, blocks and rivets, detailed installation guide and a 12-month warranty against defective workmanship and/or materials.

Full length fibreglass battens in the top edge of the boom section ensure that the Pack-a-Main is held rigid and ready for use at all times.

Accommodating your reefing lines is made easy by providing a strengthened sail cloth material that slides into the boom groove underneath the foot of your mainsail. This can be cut manually to make slots for the lines to pass through. This in turns allow the reefing lines to be attached to the boom as normal.

An acrylic canvas forward section fits around the mast which enclosed and protects the luff edge of the sail when the mainsail is not in use. An adjustable Velcro collar around the mast ensures the minimal water ingress.

Other available canvas colours upon request.

Important Notes:

Measurement G, the overall length, is taken from the centre, front of the mast, to the black band/end of Clew.

There is 20cm of tolerance in G, the overall length. Example: - if you require a 3.50 metre unit, this will fit an overall length between 3.40 metres and 3.60 metres.

We have made every effort to make the colours and finishes on screen as close as possible to the colours and finishes of the products you’ll use. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match in colours and finishes and the images and information on this website should not be relied on as such. To request samples of the canvas before purchasing please enquire via email.


For loose-footed mainsails, you need to select yes on the loose-footed mainsail option.


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