Slap Stopper

Slap StopperDo you have sleepless nights on board your vessel because of the constant slapping noise of the water on the hull? Well look no further!
After years of research, one of our loyal and dedicated customers has developed a product which does exactly what it is designed to do!

The 'SLAP STOPPER' has been designed to reduce the noise significantly of the constant wave motion lapping on the sides of the hull. This patented design is manufactured in a durable polyester mesh which has a closed cell foam insert and works by altering the wave's shape.

This innovative product uses the best materials available and will enhance your days afloat by ending       
those sleepless nights! At 2 metres long The 'SLAP STOPPER' can be used on sail and power craft of all shapes and sizes and extended if needed for even larger vessels!

The 'SLAP STOPPER' has an optional convenient storage bag complete with carrying handles for when it is not in use. If space is at a premium we have an optional large guard rail bag which can be used to store the product.

For more information on the Slap Stopper visit or buy online now!

£199.00 incl VAT
£45.00 incl VAT
£10.00 incl VAT
£16.00 incl VAT

''The Slapstopper works an absolute treat, it exceeds all expectations. If it had not worked I would have sold the boat. Now it's set up, it takes no longer than 5 mins to deploy and sheer bliss, no crashing and banging''.

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