Lining Vinyl

If you are thinking about refurbishing or replacing your interior headlining then C&J Marine have all the materials you will need to carry out the task with a choice of fabrics and colours.  All available to buy here online.

C&J Marine Lining Vinyl

C&J Marine's Range Of Lining Vinyl
£35.47 incl VAT

C&J Marine Lining Vinyl with F...

C&J Marine's range of Lining Vinyl with Foam & Scrim
£64.50 incl VAT
£12.00 incl VAT

Practical and comfortable headlining materials

C&J Marine is renowned for quality products and customer satisfaction.  Following on from our other superior products are our headlining materials and consumables that are available to buy online now.  If you cannot find what you are looking for online then contact us on  01243 785485 and let our team of experts help you.

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