Behind the Scenes

What we do....

Since1989, C&J Marine have specialised in making top-quality, made-to-measure covers, upholstery and supplying other marine-based products. We are moving with the times, using the latest state-of-the-art techniques. Despite this, everything is still made on-site and we are proud to continue to produce such high quality, British-made goods. 

We are continuing to invest in the latest software and staff training to ensure that our customers receive a service and products, which are second to none. This continuous improvement philosophy reinforces our belief that our marine and leisure products and services will remain market leaders. 

All this is in addition to our automated cutting table, offering customers a faster turnaround and improved accuracy when cutting out canopies from patterns.



3D Design

After major investment, C&J Marine Ltd is able to offer another dimension to our design service. For customers with particularly large or complex designs, a unique three-dimensional design process is now available. 


Customers will be able to view designs before they buy; see them in the colour of their choice, and appreciate the effects every canopy will give and protection offered. Customers with less complex needs will be able to take advantage of our two-dimensional design service.

For more information on this unique design service; call our experts on 01243 785485 


Digital Measuring

To further ensure C&J Marine Ltd continue to offer an excellent all-round service, we are introducing digital measuring and digital pattern recognition software. Using specifically supplied information and data, the software can accurately calculate the exact size of product needed in a fraction of the time and any new patterns will be filed on our computer systems, meaning remakes will be faster and easier to produce. 



Manufacturing Management Software

C&J Marine Ltd uses an award-winning manufacturing software to store and track stock, orders, work in progress, suppliers and customers. We also have a tightly integrated CRM system within the software, so that when customers call, our sales team have all the information on hand to answer most questions straight away.

This means that we have much greater visibility of our business and can quote much more reliable lead times due to better forward planning. All of these savings are passed onto our customers in terms of a quality product delivered quickly and at an extremely competitive price. C&J Marine Ltd were finalists in The Manufacturer Awards 2011 due to our implementation of the 123insight manufacturing software and the demonstrable benefits that it provided to us and our customers. You can watch the MRP software video case study online.




Some of the Materials we use......  

Marine Acrylic Canvas

All our marine acrylic fabrics have been impregnated with TEFLON ®. This creates a barrier effect and reinforces the water repellency of the fabric. Furthermore, it delays the adherence of soil onto the fabric. 

Characteristics of Sauleda Masacril© Acrylic Canvas.

• Raw Material: 100% Mascril Acrylic, solution dyed.
• Yarns Warp: 31y/cm (Nm 34/2)
• Yarns Weft: 15y/cm (Nm 34/2)
• Tensile Strength Warp: 140 daN/5cm
• Tensile Strength Weft: 95 daN/5cm
• Weight: ~ 310 grams/m2
• Weight PU coated: ~ 340 grams/m2
• Weight PVC coated: ~ 450 grams/m2
• Water Repellency: (Hydrostatic Head) ~ 300mm
• Water Repellency (Hydrostatic Head) PU coated: ~ 800mm
• Water Repellency (Hydrostatic Head) PVC coated and Panama weave: ~ 1000mm
• Finishes: Fluorocarbon - Teflon®, PU coated, PVC coated.


CJMW80 Weathermax® Breathable Polyester Canvas.

CJMW80 WeatherMax® is designed to be water resistant and breathable. The highly water repellent impregnated finish delivers water and mildew resistance whilst maintaining the fabric's natural breathability and dimensional stability. It is highly resistant to dirt and staining; an anti-microbial component is also added to the finish to help reduce any potential mildew or mould growth on top of the fabric. Engineered for long-term colour and strength retention, CJMW80 WeatherMax® can outperform and outlast other marine fabrics in certain applications. This lightweight, the easy-to-handle fabric is unmatched in appearance and provides excellent performance.

• Raw Material: 100% solution-dyed SaturaMax®CJMW80
• Tensile Strength Warp: 460/lbs
• Tensile Strength Weft: 360/lbs
• Weight: ~ 271 grams/m2                                             
• Water Repellency: (Hydrostatic Head) ~ 650mm
• Air Permeability: 1.3/cfm
• UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor): 50+
• UVA & UVB (Ultraviolet Blockage): Over 99%



The standard thread we use is an anti-wick, U.V. stable, bonded polyester; designed specifically for marine use and colour matched to the marine acrylic canvas. When used with our unique seam binding method, a water resistant seam is achieved.

As an option, we also offer Tenara® PTFE thread with a 15-year thread warranty. It maintains the strength of the seam even under the harshest outdoor conditions. It does not deteriorate, burst or break, despite years of exposure to weather, extreme temperature or chemicals.  Tenara Sewing Thread





Stainless Steel

At C&J Marine we use 'Marine Grade 316 Mirror Finish Stainless Steel'. This has excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to a range of corrosive environments such as sea water. The austenitic structure of 316 stainless steel gives excellent support and stability which allows us to use the correct quantity when carefully designing the framework.





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